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Electric shock stick belong to control appliances online can buy lawyer: illegal carrying can be detained Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-20
24-year-old woman circle in songjiang the hospital parking lot attack events, after network exposure, caused the attention of many people. The suspects using electric shock stick, although there is no harm the circle, but still triggered fears that many people buy electric shock stick is this legal? An electric shock stick, commonly known as electric, electric batons, is a kind of self-defense weapons, through the transformer instantly produce severe shock, make offenders have a strong sense of shock feeling, whole body numb, hypodynamia, instantaneous loss of ability to do evil. Reporters in taobao search 'electric shock', 'electric', 'razor', such as name, have shown 'according to relevant laws, regulations and policies, unable to display the related baby'. Subsequently, the reporter in 'electric shock proof Wolf' as the keyword search, jumped out of the more than 20 brands of more than 100 pages. However, the reporter found that after consulting many taobao shop owner electric shock stick on taobao has become taboo. 'To sell the goods, maybe is a permanent ban shop. 'Even so, electric batons, one of the seller or to the QQ number to the reporter, he said taobao doesn't let to sell, transfer to QQ or WeChat. The reporter asked: 'portable electric shock stick how many money? 'The seller sent a lipstick type electric shock stick, priced at the' 80 - 230 yuan '. Besides can buy on the net electric shock stick, Mr. Wang and other owners were reflected, some big traffic intersection in the suburb or long-distance truck drivers of intersection, often there will be some vendors, electric batons monopoly network, selling electric shock stick, 'is to take in hand the sort of thing can be' or 'noise'. S buy electric shock stick a legitimate Shanghai lawyers partner he lu jin city, said electric shock stick belongs to limit production control devices, this kind of limit production control instruments including crossbow, electric shock stick ( Pistol, electric, gloves, etc. ) , nets, etc. 'Control instruments management regulations of the People's Republic of China' regulation, it is strictly prohibited to limit production class control appliance sales to sales license, or the units and individuals purchase certificate. The law of the People's Republic of China on public security administration punishment law stipulated in article 32, illegal any prescribed by the state controlled instruments, detention of not more than five days, may be concurrently fined not less than RMB five hundred; If the circumstances are relatively light, be served a warning or a fine of less than RMB two hundred. To illegally carry the provisions of the state control apparatus into public places or public transport, more than five days detention less than ten days, may be concurrently fined not less than RMB five hundred.
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