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Electric stick slip ber - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-20
Electric stick slip Ber: top ten hero alliance netcom area, stand out in the two quarters of qualifying. Liaoning anshan, the age of 16, he has extremely strong swim cells play hero alliance, electric batons, skillful manipulation of the keyboard and mouse calls the heroes of the hero alliance. Is a hero in the league a great god figure, but he himself is very modest, in YY communication at ordinary times is very sweet, electric batons, guided his teammates to wipe. Edit this paragraph qualifying integral hero alliance public beta two quarters after qualifying, electric stick slip Ber is far ahead in the past ten. In many fans chase after hold in both hands he doesn't look how proud, but very humble to take them to play matches. Atlas for two quarters qualifying integral screenshots. Qualifying integral screenshots ( 2) Electric stick slip Ber in hero alliance official also participated in many games, such as city of champions. All obtained good result with the team. Edit this paragraph qualifying result is 20 for qualifying offer integral is double sent, namely is double integral gain, winning is also a double integral of buckle. So what is your level of 20 before also can see out. This is the so-called fear of pit stage. I am also very hope to communicate with people, experience a different style.
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