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Electricity consumption main runner after 95 - valued social become grass leader Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-18
As the runner is become the main consumption, attracting attention after 95. On April 17, Vipshop joint iresearch consulting based on Vipshop consumption data released the grass generation, fashion consumption after the 95 report ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'report') 。 The report from the consumer preference, regional purchasing power and consumption concept and preference of the multiple dimension describes the mainstream fashion consumption portrait after 95. 'In Vipshop 2017 new users, half of 90,' the vice President of Vipshop hong-ying huang in the conference, said: 'young is the future, the influx of young people also asked main electric business platform for consumer groups iteration continuous insight'. After 95 into consumption trend indicator, according to the related data in 2017 in our country after 95 number up to 2. 500 million. In 95 after the runner for the mainstream consumer generation is become the main consumer groups, their consumption characteristic and consumption concept, become to predict fashion trends towards the important reference. Iresearch survey data show that in the online shopping population after 95 of the population proportion is the largest, the highest viscosity, the strongest channel preference. The report points out, about a quarter of the electricity users for after 95; 63. 9% of surveyed 95 after daily use electric business platform; 10% of people questioned in the online every day order after 95. It is worth noting that Vipshop big, according to data from 2015 to 2017, platform male beauty makeup consumption increased by 60%. As a result, the report argues that male makeup spending soared in the United States will bring new potential for the industry and brand change. Younger, differentiation and digital will bring beauty makeup market continued growth momentum. Taste new will strongly after '95,' WuYiRan iresearch south China area general manager said, they are the main chance that a new brand. In the future, the brand needs to have your personal opinion, create unique brand characteristics and positioning. The report shows, personalized, hot style, new products, discounts, become consumer favorite brand label after 95. 'In Vipshop 2017 new users, half of 90, after' hong-ying huang in the conference, said: 'young is the future, the influx of young people also asked main electric business platform for consumer groups iteration continuous insight'. After Beijing 95 strongest comprehensive strength in the consumer preferences, make-up preferences become stronger consumption is the main feature of beauty makeup after 95. Among them, lipstick, BB cream, eyebrow pencil become favorite make-up category after 95, the mask would become brand in 95 after the key of male beauty makeup market. Online luxury consumption behavior, after the 95 demand for luxury goods is focused on gifts and buy big products, sales is the highest proportion of jewelry and watches. On the local purchasing power, has the more cities, colleges and universities after 95 spending power. In consumption Vipshop platform beauty makeup, comprehensive strength at the top, after Beijing 95 Shanghai and hangzhou with high guest unit price. It is important to note that in addition to the first-tier cities, in the southwest became consumption 'guide' after 95, chengdu and chongqing performance is particularly prominent. Beauty makeup the Vipshop platform, chengdu and chongqing orders after 95 is among the first and second; In the only product in luxury consumption, chongqing's orders only after the first 95 in Beijing, chengdu after 95 users, second only to the first place of Beijing. In clothing consumption, chongqing, chengdu, 95 after created the first and second orders, in addition, electric batons, two cities of clothing sales also tied for second in the country. Not only on the spending power of rendering the list on the appearance, from product financial data also show that, chengdu and chongqing used after 95 the number of installment consumption also ahead of other cities, to show a more progressive consumption concept. Their own consumer social value appeal protruding social value appeal of the commodities, let is keen on 'grass' after 95, the propaganda to recommend others to buy a commodity advantage. The report that, after 95 has strong brand dissemination and the ability to grow grass, and the social value of the pursuit for own consumption increases obviously. Found in the survey of 95 consumers after, 41. 8% said they would recommend to friends and family to use after 95 brands. In addition, more than 30% after 95 will be forwarded to useful information and teach how to use the APP elders. After the report shows that 95 fashion information media, WeChat circle of friends, the leading position of microblogging platform stability and short video, live broadcast platform, etc. The rapid rise of the social platform, on behalf of 95 after the value of their own social value, and increasingly decentralized, point-to-point will also be more conducive to the spread of brand after 95 and electric business platform for new users, this will lead the new change in consumer scenarios. On the consumption concept, show high financial characteristics after 95. On the concept and try the Internet products, after 95 were also higher than the outstanding performance of the 80 s and 70 s. Vipshop big data shows that use only product cost consumption number of installment, 90, 95, after proportion is much higher than 80, 70. In addition, in the first quarter of 2018, after the purchase of wealth management products of 95 after the proportion is higher than 80. 'Vipshop applet has entered the entrance WeChat purse,' hong-ying huang said, as the online traffic is becoming a scarce resource, social flow is becoming a focus of the brand and platform, the joint brand leverage social flow, the precision marketing will become a new style of electric business platform. ( Reporter Yang told)
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