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Electrostatic ignition coil - — Electrostatic sprayer accessories

by:Tianwang     2020-06-27
Electrostatic ignition coil are the main parts, electrostatic spray, electrostatic sprayer is produced by it, it can make the jet of water mist with electrostatic, widely used in rice, wheat, vegetables, fruit trees, tea tree, such as prevention and control of plant diseases and pests, can also be used for poultry and livestock farms and disinfection of indoor and outdoor public places. Skynet TW - JD - 01 type electric spray for research and development of new products last year, the electrostatic generator is improved and upgraded constantly, has become a high stability of the product, because of the outbreak, electric sprayer and mist machine market growth, there are a lot of sprayer manufacturer to find we cooperate, very thank you for your friends trust in skynet, skynet expectations would improve the quality and do better. The following is our regular electrostatic generator parameters ( Have a few shells, size, product customization, details may consult customer service)
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