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Emgrand EV8

by:Tianwang     2020-07-21

li, pick one: activity to yiwu yoshiu S in-store purchases during the period of the customer, extract a lucky customer return their yuan per person. Li:
store to admire the car into the mysterious little gifts shop to watch the car a
WeChat share the ritual: born during attention Jin Huaji WeChat 'jh - 'Page and forward activity, accumulating a free to receive emgrand a ZIPPO lighter, first come first served, were set.
cobolli gigli congratulated the ritual: geely factory for the event for a car, cash straight down ten thousand yuan, the quantity is limited, first come first served basis.
celebrate their ordering ritual: during the celebration of a car enjoy preferential price, store to send yuan boutique gift bag.
the old guest to recommend li old customers recommend family car is successful, the new and old customers to the regular maintenance once a year.
activity details:
, (date) (month) (year) in yiwu yoshiu S in-store shopping customers, cars get smoke proof, manchu draw people returned to their yuan, by the activity of car customers elect representatives to smoke at the scene. ( Limit on ordering and car and new customers in the future)
cashback, activity generated by the relevant taxes shall be borne by a person.
, as active, open, the event organised by the jinhua Shared and supervise all the way, customer can log in jinhua Shared real-time query activity process and personal information.
, this activity by jinhua car netvision activity schedule ( Ten people) Determine the time, in yiwu yoshiu geely 'S focus on, when the customer must carry smoking voucher id, car, vehicle registration, owners, in order to get a check and formalities.
welcome to yiwu yoshiu geely automobile S shop! Real-time information to master the latest preferential activities, instant sharing all kinds of hot topic, a comprehensive understanding of overhead transport of practical skills. Geely, create a new pattern of automotive safety technology in the world, yoshiu, Marine selling cars, car buyers paradise, geely car buying a car is bought, buy geely, to yoshiu, professional service, the price is cheaper!
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