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Enlightened ecological bayonet electric alarm system - series of AI Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-19
Effective solution to light pollution at night: the use of advanced double frame image fusion technology, use a small amount of light at night can be as the fill light output high quality full color image, effectively solve the white light flash and explosion frequency flash of light pollution at night. High performance image sensor: the traffic dedicated high-performance GS - CMOS image sensor, 50 FPS high frame rate, high sensitivity, high signal-to-noise ratio and wide dynamic, all-weather rendering realistic images. All structured multidimensional awareness: using high-performance processor, AI loading deep learning algorithm, support multi-objective hybrid application scenarios, real-time extraction of motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles, the human body, human face dozens of structured information, for the business decision to provide multi-dimensional and comprehensive data quickly. One machine with higher value: support multi-usage, and use, set 30 + kind of swan electric police illegal capture business event detection, traffic information collection, into an organic whole, applicable to a variety of road scene, comprehensive deployment to reduce costs, boost new era intelligent traffic. Expert review night driving, traffic police bayonet electricity system of flash and strongpoint of light is dazzling, caused a brief view to driver blind area, traffic safety hidden trouble; At the same time, the light as the fill light pollution, the city night environment has brought great influence and the surrounding residents. Dahua shares after years of concentrated research and development, based on high performance processor and AI image sensors, electric batons, USES the advanced double frame image fusion technology, enlightened series 'ecological' bayonet electric police capture system, the maximum to avoid using flash and reduce use frequency flashing lights, light pollution problems, also a new era of road traffic a light pollution ecology, make driving safer, more comfortable at night.
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