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Explore the Zippo lighters you know function

by:Tianwang     2020-07-19

guide language: in the American state of Bradford town, full of infinite vitality and, Zippo is born from here and keep the world stage, is fearless, brand to the world of adventure fans. Today, have come more than eighty years of Zippo has become a classic representative of the high-end lifestyle, wrote many immortal legend: permafrost, cold winds and high RCC can 'break' a strong, brave Zippo lighters, the experiences of fooling adventure made Zippo is a focus. 'The world of matter, listeners than see know for detail', let us through some practice tests, explore the Zippo lighters little-known superior function, legend into the facts.
one of superior function: it defying cold
the legend in the United States of Mali, there was a man called Tom West cast Zippo lighters in the ice cream storage ° degrees below zero. Months later, when he will boxes with gloved hands frozen Popsicle aside, suddenly found the lost Zippo lighters for a long time, it has been frozen into a block of ice. As a result, West shaved ice, carefully remove the Zippo lighters, he was surprised to find that the lighter for the first time it ignites it.

Zippo lighters accept GEEK GEEK thermal test equipment: experimental
Zippo lighters, refrigerator, liquid nitrogen
the testing process: Zippo lighters were placed on top of the refrigerator freezing indoor degrees Celsius below zero; Below zero degrees Celsius in the liquid nitrogen directly on the fuselage, see if I can ignite
test results: lighter appearance without any change, can ignite after normal temperature
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