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Exported to Japan why wenzhou lighter down more than twenty percent of the total?

by:Tianwang     2020-07-14

reporter yesterday learned that this year the wenzhou lighter export enterprise to Japan's exports fell by more than twenty percent. Buy cigarettes send made in wenzhou lighters, once the main Japanese cigarette companies promotion methods. But this year, Japan's domestic consumers prefer coffee, chewing gum and other small commodities as a gift, that is influence our city lighters on day one of the reasons for the drop in exports. According to the wenzhou entry-exit inspection and quarantine, to month this year, the export of wenzhou lighter. Only, a total of one hundred million. Hundred million dollars, compared with the same period last year decreased respectively. %、. %。 Among them, exported to Japan. Ten thousand and only. Hundred million dollars, compared with last year fell respectively. %、. %。
wenzhou lighters in leading cause of exported to Japan is what? According to understand, a few years ago, British American tobacco Japan market demand, such as marlboro cigarette advertising lighter has occupied nearly % share of exports in wenzhou, international relations and the influence of cigarette promotion products change, now, Japanese consumers more choice of coffee, and chewing gum and so on promotional products, gifts advertising machine the weakening of consumption, leading to a fall in demand for Japan.
according to the survey, this year, the domestic ningbo, affect the export of hunan main disposable plastic lighters production area is not obvious. Why the decline in exports in wenzhou lighter quantity so obvious? 'Wenzhou mainly export metal shell lighters, expensive price of disposable plastic lighter. Now, the international economic downturn, consumers prefer low price of disposable plastic lighters. 'Wenzhou entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau staff analysis thinks, the export of wenzhou metal shell lighters, export prices in yuan or so commonly, and disposable plastic lighters as long as a few cents. Now the European Union countries such as the economic situation is not optimistic, foreign consumer spending is more, this year also have % of the number of exports to the eu.
is the competition between industry is not on the other hand, some enterprises in order to get an order, the vicious competition between peers, cut down the price each other, leading to a sharp fall in profits. Just months before export batch. %, but the amount is decreased. The disadvantages of %, fully embodies the industry development.
'influenced by various factors, is expected to export situation is still not optimistic. 'Wenzhou entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau officials believe that zhuhai's lighter export enterprises should strengthen intellectual property rights, improve product quality awareness, increase product added value, the full development of practical, new products, to ensure that the market share.
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