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False old classmates, please eat halfway - called three robbery Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-24
The Beijing morning paper dispatch ( Reporter YanFei correspondent Liu Zuoyu) Mr Huang and friends driving at night to eat on the way encounter robbery, three gunmen on two people robbed 50000 yuan property after a beating. Mr Huang, the robbery was to be 'seize' a friend in director. A few days ago, the three suspects rob is chaoyang district procuratorate approved the arrest, are being hunted by another partner. One day in February, Mr. Huang, got a call from the old classmate wang mou China, said it was also a year ago, the loan of $2000. Thank you for, the other party to Mr Huang sing at night to eat, please. More than 10 o 'clock in the evening, Mr. Huang drove wang mou China to book a hotel in advance. Arrived, two people just open the door, the side of the road suddenly shot out of the three weapons such as wearing a mask, armed with electric batons and dagger. Mr Huang was electric stick electric head, then respectively with wang mou China controlled by people sitting in the car, the other a man is driving. , control of Mr Huang man electric shock stick his ceaselessly, said someone spend 1 million to buy one of his legs. Mr Huang realized that got robbed, after transfer 50000 yuan on a cell phone card to the designated bank account. The ruins of the car to a desolate place to stop, robbed of mobile phones and Mr Huang, who was tied with a rope. More than Mr Huang resistance, fight with axes, daggers, scratch by three men. After three men fled the scene, Mr. Huang, back to the bus found wang mou China lying in the car. He claimed to be electric batons stun, also robbed the cell phone and 3000 yuan in cash. After two people call the police. In the face of police, wang mou China insists that its victims. Coincidentally, the same day, the police to find another home invasion robbery in the field contrast of DNA identification made as a result, according to wang mou suspected major crime, so the police to control. Wang mou confessed to engage others to implement the burglary, and it is the mastermind of the 'robbed'. Originally, in December 2017, wang mou together in partnership with others in Beijing carried out the Iowa after the burglary, and met online wang xu and conspiring to continue to rob but failed. Mentioned by wang hua classmate Mr Huang was rich, wang xu was proposed to rob him. Considering wang mou company works in Beijing as a case, the two are discussing by wang mou to China will be about to the designated location after Mr. Huang, pretending to be robbed together, to get rid of the suspect. Then, two people contact XiaoMou and li mou to join again, with good points and spots in advance, ready to commit crime. Wang mou after China arrested, the police will soon li mou and XiaoMou captured. , electric batons
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