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Female cadres during the trial of the people's bank of escape: engage people with simulation pistol electric batons, illegal detention creditor - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-23
Shijiazhuang center five years ago, the People's Bank of China branch of female cadres of excavate, hebei handan private entrepreneurs Wu Zhangzhu borrowing 12. 23 million yuan, for failing to reimbursement by the agreement by the other party to court, the two sides reached a settlement after the withdrawal of the suit. Out of revenge, in March 2017, excavate and other 6 people will Wu Zhangzhu illegal detention, and simulation, batons and pepper spray gun to force the acknowledge & other Fraud throughout the oxidase & 26 million yuan; And filmed video etc. Afterwards, excavate to the police, said Wu Zhangzhu fraud. On July 24, 2017, Wu Zhangzhu fraud case; In the same year on October 10, Wu Zhangzhu yuhua branch yuhua shijiazhuang city public security bureau police squadron has listed online pursuit. Upstream journalists learned that June 4 in the afternoon, accompanied by Wu Zhangzhu in its defence lawyers to yuhua Interpol squadron, to present himself for the initiative and the application materials submitted to revoke the alleged fraud. On June 5, shijiazhuang city public security bureau yuhua branch response upstream news, said Wu Zhangzhu has been detained by the police. On the afternoon of June 4, Wu Zhangzhu ( Right) In to the squadron yuhua policemen, accompanied by defense lawyer to present himself for the initiative. This article figure are upstream news figure of female cadres of the people's bank of borrowing money also into 4, the defendant Wu Zhangzhu upstream journalists, he and excavate originally don't know, in 2010 by the middleman Zhu Mou introduction to become friends. From July 2011 to February 2015, excavate in succession to his loan, a total of 12. 23 million yuan. Excavate reimbursement of more than 5. 35 million yuan, is more than 6. 88 million yuan. The above balances Wu Zhangzhu traversing many times, electric batons, excavate no reimbursement means. , according to the relevant judicial documents on January 4, 2016 Wu Zhangzhu oxidase as the defendant, to shijiazhuang xinhua district people's court to lodge a refund payment of civil action. Wu Zhangzhu, according to the case after case, excavate the initiative for someone to negotiate with him, the two sides reached an out-of-court settlement agreement. The agreement set forth: oxidase in installment payments, on June 20, 2016 pay off all debts of over 6. 88 million yuan. Then dropped Wu Zhangzhu initiative. Wu Zhangzhu also said that in March 2017, excavate because of dissatisfaction with the prosecution, and don't want to pay duty, so looking for & other; Lesson & throughout; Yourself. The police record, according to excavate through others pay a introduce met claimed to be a police. In fact pay one, not the police, huitong police station in shijiazhuang city public security bureau southwest bureau only temporary help. Excavate find pay a counsel for many times, and in shijiazhuang railway station to find a good place of custody ahead of time. To excavate the identity of the upstream journalists on June 5, call center sub-branch of the People's Bank of China shijiazhuang op. The department staff, said to consult the system displays oxidase is still on-the-job employees. Upstream news reporters then call the excavate two phone number, one of the voice prompt & other; Throughout the space &; ; Another can get through, but no one answered. , according to the relevant criminal judgment Wu Zhangzhu alarm after the suspicion of the crime of illegal detention area such as people were online pursuit, has surrendered or were caught. Using simulation pistol batons illegal detention creditor according to shijiazhuang qiaoxi district people's court ( 2018). In early 0104 punishment of criminal judgment 13 shows: on March 3, 2017, 17 about, excavate Zhu Mou through intermediaries, about Wu Zhangzhu meet in local tenfu tea teahouse. Excavate li mou some help. Li mou called being, Feng Mou, zhao mou, ryu, people rushed to the teahouse together. Pay some clips Wu Zhangzhu, li mou to around, and pay a using simulation pistol threat, to force it to the car, and to give their head on pillow cases. Police record shows that these people will Wu Zhangzhu to shijiazhuang railway station with an abandoned factory. Pay a letting Wu Zhangzhu zhao mou give stripped naked, pay a dumped its carrying the content such as watches, belts, cash, using pepper spray jet its face, with batons shocks the body, forcing its acknowledged fraud excavate 26 million yuan. Pay a confession to the police, according to all the people around Wu Zhangzhu, excavate out his phone and video recording. Excavate question, as long as Wu Zhangzhu does not press her saying, next to the people at the meeting is to kick him a foot or with batons electric. “ Because Wu Zhangzhu don't cooperate, said not to excavate, excavate also go up slapping his face and beat and scold. The person next to kick him, also to shock him on with electric batons, sound recording or video recording in total there are more than two hours. Eventually Wu Zhangzhu scared, cooperate, let say whatever you like. ” Pay a confession to the police, it is not a police force, but as a convenience to handle affairs, he find someone to do the fake police id card, from a simulation pistols and a online purchase electric batons. On the evening of 10 30 entries like to end, excavate dial 110 telephone alarm, said & other; Captures the fraudster & throughout; 。 Shijiazhuang city public security bureau huitong the policemen rushed to the scene, will excavate, Wu Zhangzhu back to the police station, driving away from others. The police questioning, preliminary determination Wu Zhangzhu don't constitute fraud. Civil complaint, oxidase is the center of the People's Bank of China shijiazhuang branch staff. Female cadres during the trial to escape a number of associates
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