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Female self-defense - should be regular business trip Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-19
The girl was hijacked in the middle of the night news maxed out today's circle of friends, in front of the survival of the urgent problems, various dazzle the delegate of the finally sidelined. You actually in the mind has such a question: what should women go out to carry equipment self-defense? ( Self-defense electricity stick is a good choice) This reminds me of a story. Before a few years my senior year, and graduated from another girl travel together to travel, from the northeast to gannan mountains around chuanbei that do a social investigation. When there is no high-speed, traffic inconvenience, there is no direct train, be in multiple provinces. Out of town for the first time, the safety on the road? A whim, I buy a electric batons self-defense. But through multiple security shop, every family said no. Later, a man who is responsible for the procurement of military training products teacher impressed by me, secretly took me to a covert military shop, finally bought an electric batons. I still remember the electric batons, 20 centimeters, can be a flashlight, open the electric switch, issue & other Zi zi zi & throughout; The voice. The shopkeeper scared to stop me, say it can stun a person, but to play the undead. I am happy with it on the train. Unexpectedly, mix the security, but had a police check contraband, swept past with each machine package. In my bag, issued a sharp warning. The carriage was quiet. The police state: whose bag? I emerged in everyone's gaze: me. They have already open my bag, was about to turn things, the moment I feel finished, will be detained? ! Close call, I quickly from the bag and pulled out a small hand electricity, say is this? Thanks to the young, eyes flashing with pure and ignorance, police's uncle might think I'm cute, just forget it. In the next half a month's trip, the self-defense electric batons became white elephants. Danger didn't meet, but in order to let it hide to security, I worry all the way, is go looking for trouble. Afterwards just know, don't take this dangerous knife, stick, spray equipment, can be each other to rob the past counter your weapon. Even if is a bad man, it is also easy to be security intercepted, without trouble. Bold, careful, responsible, disadvantages, remain sensitive to the environment, be vigilant. City is the jungle, we can only improve their survival skills and intelligence.
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