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Figure] China's Internet 20 years historical moments

by:Tianwang     2020-07-20

years, China's first website 'YingHai space-time' billboards appeared in the southern tip of the zhongguancun Bai Yi street corner. Billboards impressively write: 'the Chinese information from the public how far? — — To the north. 'As China's first website,' YingHai spacetime has a lot of the function of the 'advanced'. With today's renren and kaixin SNS site are very similar.

xidan girl was a singer xidan underground subway, in the Internet take not I not I photographed the 'wings' of the cover AnHu video was posted to quickly became a hit one of the fastest rising video. Xidan girl on the TV media, participated in the rabbit year Spring Festival gala known by more people.
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