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Film 'routine is borrowed' consuming field: bar shrieks heard - electric stick together to battle Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-22
CCTV network news: & other; Routine credit & throughout; Is the rise in recent years, rhetoric and strong concealment crimes has become a lot of black evil forces a crime means, it is for the purpose of illegal possession, under the guise of private lending, inducing or force the victim signed & other; Borrowing & throughout; Or in a disguised form & other; Borrowing & throughout; “ Mortgage & throughout; “ Guarantee & throughout; Related agreement, through increased borrowing amount, malicious default, wanton ways such as the default payment evidence minnith, of the formation of false claims and debts, and with the aid of litigation, arbitration, notarization or illegal possession of the victim by violence, threat, and other means illegal and criminal activities associated with the property of general appellation.
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