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Fire gun self-defense - like 'revolver' being bought it Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-20
This morning, the reporter in yongding river road test fire a gun. White fog powder extinguishing fire gun with large gun and warhead revolver pictures fire gun 'revolver' bought by the person mostly in the driver test power of self-defense buyers can interrupt the small branches do not belong to the public security department fire equipment had seized two models on November 9, 2009 early morning, the good changyang section, a running red xiali car suddenly heard a 'bang' sound, then white mist diffuses inside the car. The driver escaped immediately stop coughing loudly to open doors. Around the crowd thought of what had happened, surrounded after just know is the driver to carry a can of self-defense dry powder extinguishing gun ( Commonly known as fire a gun) Accidentally misfire. Grenade powerful impact will be the driver's left leg swollen, but the driver will fire a gun on the seat next to didn't do more damage to him. Recently, the reporter undertook investigating to fire the gun sales situation, found that was originally used to fire a gun is some people used to self-defense, it is easy to cause misidentification of affected by any carelessness. Regular store sells powder extinguishing guns to the public security organ didn't ban, the reporter visited the grand palace gate, nanyuan fengtai, haidian and concentration bridge in places such as fire fighting equipment stores, found that the fire equipment stores have dry powder extinguishing gun sales, price of 30 yuan to 128 yuan. Of this kind of fire gun gun body and grenade divides into two parts, when using the grenade loaded on the gun body, and then pull the trigger firing. According to the grand palace gate xing kai staff of the fire equipment store, this kind of fire gun fire from 2 to 6 meters, aim at people firing in the distance, can give a person a certain amount of damage. Staff, when customers buy, they will charge to each other not to tell the person firing. When not in use, moreover, it is best not to projectile loaded on the gun body, to prevent accidentally hurt. Reporters asked whether this fire gun can sell? Store staff, according to fire a gun while called a gun, but not imitation guns, it is a kind of dry powder fire extinguishers, so the public security organs have not banned the sale. Available online within 10 meters down people claim self-defense is the preferred on baidu keyword - — Fire a gun, search out article 20. 42 million about the message. But also very attractive slogan: 'fire extinguishing gun is necessary household, commercial port, car race, hence; Exquisite packaging, like leadership, friends love, gifts, gifts to be bestowed favor on newly. 'The reporter mentioned earlier for this type of fire gun' pistol electronic dry powder fire extinguishers, 'highest price is 640 yuan, the price of each metal warhead is 60 yuan. The gun gun body is metal, longest range up to 20 meters. Online dealers on the introduction of the product, when the robbery, the gunman shot, can bring people down 10 meters, 15 meters can put people to receive, lose their ability to resist. Eyes can be restored vision after wash, do not have to worry about excessive defense and injured innocence, so is the first choice for self-defense tool. Subsequently, the reporter according to the information on the net a few distributors calls, asked whether you need buy the gun registration of the identity information, sellers are not needed. For 'public security and fire control whether to sell the gun' of doubt, the seller with particular emphasis on, the product examined by the Ministry of Public Security, state fire fighting equipment quality supervision and inspection, public security fire control to approve production sales, can be arbitrary. A dealer or even smile said: 'people of self-defense, kitchen knife can kill you, is not also literally sell? 'Main buyers long-distance freight drivers with each gun self-defense in an interview with the reporter understands, fire guns to buy more for drivers, especially the unlicensed drivers. They buy not to fire the gun, but used for self-defense. In nanyuan far fire equipment store, the boss tells a reporter, recently, a freight company at a time from the store bought 30 to fire a gun, to the driver of the company. The shop owner is introduced, the driver of the freight company often run long distance, some drivers secretly carrying knives self-defense, before the results on the way through the security checkpoint seized punished. After that, the company drivers are not allowed to bring in self-defense tool, the driver refused to even out of the car. Later, the freight company boss see fire gun from the Internet can be used to self-defense, and legal to carry and for each driver with fire gun. Unlicensed drivers intercepted shooting self-defense fled in addition, the purchase of fire gun and unlicensed drivers, exchanges between Beijing and baoding unlicensed drivers Li Dong ( Not his real name) Is a. Li Dong told reporters that he is the fire gun early last year to buy, buy is the cause of a run down on his companion, met with robbery in hebei. Start, from hebei field Li Dong bought a electric batons for self-defense. Later, he saw other unlicensed drivers have purchased fire a gun, just bought one, too. But 'gun' to buy after Li Dong never met rob, so can't verify whether fire a gun for self-defense really useful. In shijingshan apple orchards gypsy chang, electric batons, also bought a fire a gun. Chang told reporters that he kills the gun is really ready to rob him.
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