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Flame crabs lighters' Figure 】

by:Tianwang     2020-07-20

wanbao crab lighters.
a lifelike crab on the ashtray, you as long as the light in one of the crab claw, 'pa', will be shot out of the fire crab mouth. If you don't have to, you can the whole crab income ashtray, don't take a place at all.
this is wanbao company s of the last century or so of advertising materials - — 'Spray fire crab' alien lighters ashtray.
crabs are crustaceans, most species of crab lives in the sea or near the sea, there are also some live in fresh water or live on land. As the saying goes, 'never co-existed,' water raw animal model to design a lighter, more spewed out of his mouth to the fire, so bold and ingenious conception is really rare. Imitation of copper surface treatment, precise and vivid image shaping, the cigarette lighter of treasures in special-shaped lighters, has high artistic value and collection value.
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