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Flame detector installation method

by:Tianwang     2020-06-25
Green high flame detector is mainly composed of flame detector probe and processor of two parts of the flame detector, at the same time need to check the probe to fire flame detector cooling air for cooling. As an important equipment of boiler furnace security protection, automatic control system of boiler is the core part of the essential. How to do it for a variety of flame monitoring of gas, fuel oil, guarantee the stability of boiler combustion, the installation of flame detector probe is very important. Flame detection device ( Flame detector probe, fire inspection processor) The installation of flame detector probe precision will reflect the accuracy of the furnace flame, different types, different sizes of boiler, the installation position of flame detector probe each are not identical. Generally according to the furnace type, fire detector probe brand, opening of flame detector probe location for specific installation, but installed in any position, make sure to see the outline of the flame, That includes a smoldering area, burning, burning area) , fire detector probe installation deep, there will be a 'peeping' phenomenon; Install shallow, detect fire flame detector probe. Improve the flame detector probe installation accuracy, eliminate the phenomenon of 'peep' and detect the flame, can prevent fire detector probe.
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