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Flame detector installed

by:Tianwang     2020-06-25
1. Probe XLZJ - installation 102 ultraviolet flame monitor is a non-contact flame monitor. Please will probe flames when users to install. Probe using the maximum temperature of 80 ℃, the user on the burner or other high temperature equipment use, probe detection channel must be ventilated before cooling. Channel diameter of not less than 18 Φ detection, probe the installation of the thread of M20 x 1. 5. According to relevant regulations, monitoring the sensitive range of 0. 5 meters, Under the condition of the channel for Φ 18 detection) , but monitoring distance as the flame radiation intensity and the testing channel increases, but the maximum distance cannot be more than 2 meters. 2. Debugging sensitivity, in order to improve the monitoring sensor cable should not mix with other power or signal lines. XLZJ - 102 is debugging good ultraviolet flame monitor in the factory and can be installed normally use. If the probe from the monitor too far, wiring caused by distributed capacitance is too large, in case no flame of fire, please open the module, clockwise slowly adjust matching module in the middle of the potentiometer, until the green light, relay release, good module debugging, debugging, cover module on the cover. Please note that don't overshoot when debugging, overshoot effect monitoring sensitivity. Six, troubleshooting 1. No burner, fire monitoring, however, there is fire, the monitoring circuit interference caused by distributed capacitance increases gradually after be affected with damp be affected with damp, please open the module, slowly adjust potentiometer clockwise, until the green light, relay released so far. 2. Have fire burner, and monitor shows no fire, there may be two reasons, one is the probe lens is covered by dust, please clean the probe quartz lenses, two is impedance matching potentiometer overshoot, please open the module counter clockwise slowly adjust potentiometer, until the green light is lit, relay and so far. 3. If accidentally broke the probe in the installation or use of the lens, not to replace with ordinary glass, for the ordinary glass can't through the flame of ultraviolet light.
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