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Flame detector signal output problem analysis

by:Tianwang     2020-06-25
Green high flame detector is mainly composed of flame detector probe and processor of two parts of the flame detector, at the same time need to check the probe to fire flame detector cooling air for cooling. As an important part of furnace safety monitoring system, it is a special boiler workers grasp the flame in the furnace is the important equipment. Flame detection device ( Flame detector probe, fire inspection processor) Flame detector output signal directly burning situation of the reaction chamber, if the output signal of the flame detector is not stable or even no signal, so that failed to timely, accurate to transmit signal, the workers will be the cause misjudgment, seriously affect the normal operation of the unit. Jie can power below small make up for all analysis of flame detector signals output is not stable, no problem. A chamber, air volume is too large, resulting in boiler combustion instability, flame drift is larger, resulting in unstable flame detector output signal. Second, with the adjustment of boiler combustion conditions, flame detector also needs to adjust, in order to achieve control of the strength of the flame signal, if the flame detector probe aging, signal attenuation, not by adjusting the flame monitoring signals of flame detector gain value control, makes the flame detector output signal is weak. Three, fire detection optical fiber high temperature end burn out and fiber front lens dust flame detector, also can make the output signal of the flame detector is greatly weakened, influenced the stability of the signal. Fourth, when using inferior cable, cause line terminals in the joint core is oxidation, make short circuit or poor grounding terminals, will cause no fire inspection signal output. Above is the flame detector output signal instability, a common cause of no signal, only to find the cause, suit the remedy to the case, can effectively guarantee the normal work of the boiler's safety.
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