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Flame monitoring control box installation requirements

by:Tianwang     2020-06-26
Flame monitoring control box installation requirements: 1, in strict accordance with the connection diagram of the control box; 2, UV detector using the maximum temperature of 100 ℃, the user on the burner or other high temperature equipment use, probe before detection channel must be ventilation cooling, prevent damage of furnace heat conduction, radiation sensor, cooling air required dry and clean. 3, channel diameter not less than 18 Φ detection. According to the relevant provisions, sensitive detection distance is 0. 8 m ( Under the condition of the channel for Φ 18 detection) , but the detection distance as the flame radiation intensity and channel increases. 4, ion probe top instantaneous heat resistance of 1350 ℃, the heat resistance of 800 - for a long time 1000℃。
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