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For the first time see jia rod with self-defense Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-19
When I first saw the director of he is a doubt, my good friend and I said a lot of director, the actress cheated, that kind of thing, so when I first went to see him take a self-defense (rod Self-defense electric batons) 。 Results when I came into the studio, found that of all the cast of the builders of doing things, do not have any dishonest practices, I told him, and other partners' trust is from that moment on. After so many years, I saw his talent, pursuit of the art of film is seen, achievements and clairvoyance. He grew up, experience, all kinds of aesthetic concepts gradually mature, are already well formed its own set of theory, so as long as is his drama I wouldn't have any hesitation, without a doubt, is one hundred percent trust to him, even more than the trust to my parents. He will be angry with you? An: I often be he scold cry on the set. Actually an actor scolded by the director is very normal things, but he is always right, so always make me feel he has helped me once again. I did the teacher, also will be very harshly criticized the student, so I am very understand this strict requirements to him. You is to have the feeling of worship to him? An: yes, I began to bring my understanding of the movie is director, the director took me to the world stage, brought me to the film festival, let me see your own from each work possibilities, so I really adore him. The director influenced my life. If not met the director, I won't go to a movie, can't change my view of things. I don't care about others before, but follow the director after filming, I begin to pay close attention to the ordinary coal mine workers, since the childhood to the big city city to the people who work for others, those who live in small places, director affected all of my thought, on life, view of the world. What do you think he is right, not afraid of their own personality? An: I am a very trust director in the movies, he also gave me a lot of test in each role. Take sport from 2000 to now eight years of time, can be said to be the most beautiful in my life has been an for a period of time. I can't say I gave everything to the film, but the film is recorded my youth, my happy, my everything.
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