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Foreign trade was disrupted around the chaos in Iraq

by:Tianwang     2020-07-19

reporter in an interview recently learned that, in the more and more strong under the shadow of the Iraq war, zhejiang, Shanghai, fujian and other provinces and cities in our country's export trade has fallen sharply, faced with different foreign trade channels blocked, ocean freight, insurance premium multiplied, a sharp drop in export orders and other problems.
: zhejiang private enterprises disastrous
'a few days, many of wenzhou shoe companies have been incalculable losses, some order is destroyed, some goods in shipping on the way to increase insurance premium of war. 'Wenzhou shoe leather association vice-chairman, gilda shoes industry co. , LTD. , general manager of Yu Jin China in the face of these.
it is understood that in the Middle East trade exports in wenzhou is bigger, year, wenzhou only exports to the united Arab emirates (uae) glasses, lighters, shoes and so on commodity trade alone. Billion dollars more. After the start of the Iraq war, wenzhou member companies such as glasses, leather shoes, clothing and other light industrial products export trade volume fell sharply, the production of individual enterprises in a state of shutdown or shutdown. Wenzhou glasses ocean glasses co. , LTD. , chairman of the chamber of commerce, wenzhou Ye Zijian said: 'the city of wenzhou is a capital of China glasses, % above glasses export, the Iraq war's influence on the optical industry is obvious. In recent days, visit almost no foreign enterprise, wenzhou glasses are out of order, feeling distinctly trade volume. '
taizhou: uncertain situation is still in wait-and-see
and Mr Jin, taizhou Long Chen sanitary ware co. , LTD. , general manager hu Xu Peng also the same problem.
this is located in the three companies each year, more than half of export products to sell to Iraq. 'We have more than the amount of exports to Iraq last year, on the other side of the list this year have been produced and in transit, there is more than usd. 'Hu Xu Pengshui.
hu Xu Pengshui, their guests mainly near the port area of southern Iraq, 'we have been doing business with iraqis in 67, the last few years local instability, do this business, actually everybody has prepared for, according to past experience, the situation will calm down after for a while, or do business, but this year some unexpected, now everyone is waiting to see the situation. '
after the incident, hu Xu Peng feel, after eggs still can't put in a basket. 'Now we have to open up more overseas market, so as to spread a market upheaval. Root o '
it is known that zhejiang new materials co. , ltd. and taizhou Long Chen sanitary ware co. , LTD is the largest taizhou export amount of two enterprises, export amount is combined, the two reached the close of the city's exports to Iraq. In the interview, the reporter also learned that although the two companies have business dealings with Iraq, but not on the ground staff.
'taizhou business or work in Iraq is few, the permanent population nor area chamber of commerce and other groups, so we are not in Iraq, such as statistics. In 'city foreign affairs office of the Chinese government's Jiang Hua said that at present they haven't received the taizhou in the reports of casualties or property damage.
as we have learned, at present mainly general export trade foreign trade big province of zhejiang, most affected by the impact of war. In order to avoid a hefty increase in production costs and set of die liquidity, shut down wait-and-see become the preferred measure of export private enterprises.
: fujian footwear exports stumble as one of the
fuzhou customs said, in this year, exports to the Middle East of fujian. Hundred million dollars, fell. %, the net loss last month. $; To month, accumulated year-on-year growth in exports to the Middle East of fujian province began to fall, fall value. Two percentage points. In fujian province exports to major trading nation in the Middle East are varying degrees of decline, with the former name in the Middle East trade partners, exports to the united Arab emirates. Dollars, fell. %; Exports to Saudi Arabia. Dollars, fell. %; Exports to Israel. Dollars, fell. %。 In fujian province exports to Iraq for thousands of dollars, is affected by the war in Iraq, in exports dropped to zero.
quanzhou is footwear manufacturing and exporting in China, only in jinjiang footwear enterprises are concentrated, shoes production up to more than double, annual output value over one hundred million yuan, more than the value of one hundred million yuan, which accounts for its total sales/Middle East market. Now, to send the goods in the Middle East quanzhou shoe industry has been largely discontinued. And, as a global footwear wholesale center in dubai in the Middle East market, one of the onset of paralysis, also affect the sales of American market. The whole of the shoe market order in full, the United States and the Middle East customers wait for the most part, is not willing to place an order; Some companies also worry that even with the order payment can't order production. At the same time, shoemaking raw materials prices have also jumped.
in addition, due to the increase of the rise in oil prices and shipping, domestic inland transport growth %, international maritime freight increase % to the Middle East, to Europe and the United States of freight growth %. The export trade of fujian all had a great effect. :
Shanghai LTD 'complain'
the Iraq war to the Shanghai international freight industry's interference. Shanghai, a forwarder company boss says the Iraq war make the ship company will increase the emergency fuel, came to Japan is to increase the freight $each standard container, increase dollars to the province. It is reported that recently the Shanghai shipping to Kuwait, Turkey war risk premium has been developed from the original. Rise to. ; The premium is from other regions around. Up to. 。
at present, Shanghai, zhejiang, fujian and other provinces, and relevant departments of foreign trade is to take active measures to develop international market diversification, reduce export costs, to the war in Iraq to minimize the impact on China's foreign trade export, maintain stable export growth this year.
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