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France brand of cigarette lighters in god jun Tmall flagship store opening in China

by:Tianwang     2020-07-17

the man in the world, to operate in the distance. Between laughing, elegant gentleman temperament reveal in manners. Beyond a suit and tie, a man without two prominent elements: the premium art and time to the fire. Bearing the weight of the famous brand watch, a symbol of the struggle of time up lighters, influenced by man's hero, see the elegant between both the men's brow, admire evil spirit. With the advent of the era of e-commerce, a variety of rare luxury brands are located on the Internet. Recently, the popular with the masses of men's high-end brand cigarette lighter god jun Tmall shopping online, ever closer to god jun lighter and lighter brand fee is the distance between the elimination.

god - jun lighters from romance - - - - - - France, jun, founder of god was born of a craftsman world, devoted his life to the design and manufacture of rare men act the role ofing is tasted, jun say god series lighter has been loved by French upper noble. Today, romantic and noble bearing from France, jun brand honor god in Tmall shopping mall and attracts thousands of elegant gentleman. A delicate and luxurious lighters can reveal a man distinguished identity and high-end and elegant taste, jun say god worthy lighter is the first choice for fashionable men.

god jun heritage ancient European lighter production technology, and constantly innovation, walked perfect high-quality goods line, its bright sound lighters is popular with exquisite technique and widely used all over the world. Each god jun audible words lighters are treated with laser engraving, delicate texture clear, strong pull round AoTuGan, lighter friction feeling is strong; Unique roller slot process, taking no acerbity feeling lighter, pull a dozen namely, very convenient and flexible. God jun audible words lighter by workers took ten hours to multi-channel working procedure of a precision parts processing, due to its import grinding wheel wear, Mars is big, strong toughness, service life can reach more than once. Ringing voice, high-grade brass casting, indeed, the legendary god jun audible words lighter, the weight of g, shaking hands with fitted, thickening plating surface, the color is exquisite, is not easy oxidation, scratched, this is jun say god series different from other high quality lighter.

art world, how to deduce the fire? Flame and voice is the best interpretation lighters, since god jun, founder of Edward. Tiger lighter with ding type after the sound of crisp, god jun audible words series lighters into classical, became the man flocking to deserve to act the role of the world, it is the symbol of the identity and status, taste and elegant. Unique open bite, sweet and crisp, and again, its unique innovation attract European fascinated. Jun through god's creation and design essence, rich French amorous feelings of period, texture delicate body lines, tells the extraordinary clarity and move to move god grace.
let the cast time of your life how to grind, just a god jun audible words series lighters can instantly make temperament of male god puts glorious greatly, solid brass material base, component, simple sense is very good, three colors have different taste: black ( Inside collect, elegant, mysterious, show men hale and hearty atmosphere style) , gold ( Luxury, acme, elegance, luxury, reveal a man king spirit) , silver ( Elegant, delicate, romantic elegance, show man elegant gentleman feelings) 。 Men of different personality traits can be targeted to choose.
god jun audible words series lighters now in Tmall shopping online, from France, romantic and noble, you're worth it. Source:
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