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France is peng lighter's official website

by:Tianwang     2020-07-16

a: at present, there are many kinds of dupont lighter version, with the French version, version, Italian version, version, version. In the domestic price lowest (except Generally no higher than yuan, made of plastic machine) All the other version price range from $to $is copper movement. Price is the highest. 。 。
a: copper peng, some as long as a few hundred or more than one thousand. The French are peng is the most expensive. Usually several hundred to several thousand dollars. My dad is a French, which is made in Paris. Is heard, or intermediate offset. Want to see, first see if bright sound machine. So, listen to the voice. Don't say. 。 。 To tell the truth, always wanted a dupont lighters, but people can afford a dupont lighters don't surf the Internet. Haven't seen in China's peng, the lady with the lowest two thousands. Estimates are high copy, you hear or what so-called. 。 。
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