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France is peng ( ST Dupont) Exclusive create 'Paris st germain club limited edition series'

by:Tianwang     2020-07-21

since the years since its establishment, in order to constantly, noble and elegant taste is famous for its well-known brands in France are peng ( 年代。 T. Dupont) , has been committed to 'gourmet for valued customers create excellence'. France is peng (uphold this tradition, 年代。 T. Dupont) In Paris's top football club Paris st germain football club, and launched the 'Paris st germain club limited edition series, including MaxiJet lighters, Defi dry and Cosy hand-held bag.
Paris st germain football club ( Paris Saint- 日耳曼足球俱乐部) PSG for short, is the first football club in Paris, France. Now the club in the premier league soccer match in France, the team won the ligue 1 title three times in history, also won the European cup winners' cup trophy at a time. Years, in order to celebrate the team won the ncaa France's football league title for the third time, France is peng ( 年代。 T. Dupont) Will this series of products of a complete set of gift team coach and the club every player.

MaxiJet lighter as France's best football teams, Paris st germain football club has many top international star full display, including known as David Beckham ( 大卫·贝克汉姆) , zlatan ibrahimovic ( 伊布) , thiago silva ( Thiago Silva) , rafe esquith ravitch ( Ezequiel Lavezzi) And Lucas moura Lucas Moura) 。 To this end, the French peng ( 年代。 T. Dupont) Special launch the international star name and jersey number and team logo emblem of lighter. With the club's iconic home kit for the lighters series as the design blueprint, lighter body, a French blue base in the middle of the red, white and double color line modeled after the team emblem of red white Eiffel Tower silhouette design. Each player version of the center of the lighters are engraved with the shirt, and a cigarette lighter is engraved with English players are, for the international star fan, extremely collection value.
Defi dry
new PSG dry reaction is rapid, precise and comfortable. Pen body with Paris st germain football club landmark home kit to design a blueprint, pen body respectively on two star David Beckham to ratan zlatan ibrahimovic jersey number number and number, and the back is the club's emblem logo, reveal its great significance, is in my hand can experience extreme comfortable writing performance.
Cosy hand-held bag France is peng (
年代。 T. Dupont) Especially for the general love sports elite create Cosy men's handbags. This handbag with an eye to detail design, aimed at strengthening the series product image, whether it is with the French peng ( 年代。 T. Dupont) Emblem, clubs and jersey number of cortical sign, or classic French with red and blue stripe, both highlight show distinguished French noble brand.
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