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Fresh market, known as the trillion-dollar, why isn't a profitable? - - - - - - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-23
Over the past 2019 years, electric batons, fresh electricity a harrowing. Stay in retrospect, radish, fresh raw friends please shut the shop such as small and medium-sized players have emerged, such as financing, suspended service failure negative news; Giants such as Meituan also strategic contraction, on the other side, in the development of new formats to layout again. Small and medium-sized players and many, giants are subsequently strategic adjustment. Since April last year, the United States under the league flag elephant fresh successively five stores closed, wuxi, changzhou. Expressed Meituan aspect, put up the shutters because poor business performance and losses. In may, the box of the horse for the first time the shutters, box of horse is given to adjust the business strategy. In July, yong hui supermarket ( 601933, shares) Its 'super species' Shanghai first wujiaochang wanda store closed. Throughout 2019, events such as closure, collapse, capital chain rupture, let the other track tried to burn the players pay a painful price of money, originally be capital give fresh frequent explosion ray electricity industry. Huge sum of money in hand, the giants are more cautious. Compared to the small and medium-sized players play 'a life' in the end, giants are often stop in time, just behind, the flow rate is their anxiety. Many people think that the Internet company has relative gene, baidu is good at technology, ali is good at operating, tencent at products. Based on the life service class Meituan, seems to be on the 'gene' is closer to buy vegetables little thing. It is not hard to see from the Meituan APP, 'food, entertainment, take-away business such as' occupy the home page. Meituan shopping APP offline promotion also inherited Meituan scratch 'to push tiejun', while the current situation of the industry downturn atmosphere, Meituan entrance is quite confused. Meituan will buy vegetables is an exception? In testing the waters mode after the failure of major stores Meituan buy vegetables are business extends to home delivery model. Meituan for the center with convenient service station with three fresh products and daily necessities, the radiation radius of three kilometers around, provide residents with distribution and self service. In early 2019, Meituan buy vegetables 'App + front storehouse' model landing in Shanghai, at this time of Meituan buy vegetables in the fresh market is not remarkable. Then extended to Beijing, wuhan. Beijing and Shanghai earlier only provide immediate delivery service. In July 2019 Meituan buy vegetables after entering wuhan, to launch 'pickup' place the order today, the next day to the service. Fresh electricity business in Shanghai, for example, compared with the focus on home delivery 'ding-dong buy vegetables' and 'eat fresh' self service, Meituan shopping seems to be the two patterns mix together, both the distribution, and have since. Compared with fresh stores, although lead warehouse saves can also use ceiling decorate cost, product display, and need not too with the clerk, and relatively low cost. But when the site and fresh stores in the same position, not only will cause confusion to consumers, more show the contradiction of the business. If consumers in fresh stores can shopping, why go to the store after online purchase? Such a small model of consumers are not friendly, if Meituan to look carefully 'fresh' two words you should know that people is the primary demand for fresh products immediacy. In Shanghai this fresh electricity market competition is the most tragic, ding-dong buy vegetables and daily optimal seldom based and top 30 minutes 'served' label. Meituan just shut down part of the elephant fresh, he launched the 'home', 'to the' double operation. Meituan buy vegetables of various reform measures it is not hard to see, fresh business frequently the strategic adjustment of shows they thirst for profit model. Meituan desire for the fresh business that radical on shopping patterns, to some extent, also reflects the Meituan anxiety of the raw power suppliers. From the rounds on fresh electricity experiment, at present they have not summarized a set of mature profit model. Compared to the Internet in other industries, some argue that the fresh electricity ultimately belongs to the giants, the track but by giants strategic adjustment, to try new forms, to some extent, it can be seen that there is no one can really touch clear the track. The true figure is, at present the fresh electricity industry is still in the stage of development, the overall living conditions is very hard, can realize profits is only 1%. But the trillions of level of the track, or inspired the players to enter. With ali, jingdong, suning, Meituan, wing fai giants such as incoming, makes the whole track competition more intense. Plus after the loss of large area, the funds may calm down, for the small and medium-sized business players, will bring greater pressure. Trustdata mobile big data detection platform released in September 2019 fresh electricity MAU list, daily fresh, horse, ding-dong buy vegetables in the top three, respectively. Among them, the daily optimal fresh in the application of the first-tier cities such as guangzhou, north users accounted for more than 50%. Box in the application of the first-tier cities such as guangzhou, north ma users accounted for close to 30%.
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