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from using a lighter to pop a wine cork to shucking sweetcorn with a cookie cutter, these handy hacks will cut your cooking time in half

by:Tianwang     2020-06-15
The fastest way to complete tedious daily tasks in the kitchen has been announced online.
These tips are shared with 5 minutes of crafts, an international Facebook page set up in Cyprus with handy hacks, shows how to pop up the wine bottle stopper quickly without a bottle stopper and how to peel corn using a cookie cutter.
For those of you who love gin and tonic, there is a less messy way to add lemon to your drink --
Just create an indent with a toothpick and let the juice flow out.
Elsewhere, experts show how, through a series of clever tricks, you can easily peel the potatoes by putting them in cold water after cooking them.
If you desire a good cup of things but find yourself without a bottle opener, there is no need to panic.
Experts showed how to simply remove the cork from the bottle using a lighter.
Place the lighter on the side of the bottle and simply watch the Cork slide out.
None of the worst vegetables to eat are sweet corn, and you will definitely get stuck with your teeth.
For quick, simple and confusing-
Free way to separate corn, you just need a round cookie, put the metal device in the center of the vegetable, and the corn will fall off easily --
Ready to add salad or eat as is.
Squeeze a lemon for those who like gin and tonic, and while preparing drinks, a clever way to minimize the confusion is almost too obvious.
Don\'t cut the lemon and let the rest of the waste, just poke a hole in the side with a toothpick.
Squeeze it into the drink and drink a little lemon.
There won\'t be anything in your eyes.
One of the most tedious kitchen jobs to peel potatoes is peeling potatoes, but this hack shows you how to do this in three simple steps.
Boil the potatoes first and then fish them out of the water.
Then make a round shallow cut around the potato and peel the skin back with two quick moves.
In the video shared to five-minute crafts, a quick way to cut multiple eggs with another clever hacking technique.
Simply boil the eggs, let them cool, and then put them on the board with a distance between the two.
Then simply press down with the oven grill, the eggs will be cut into Ding and ready to add the salad.
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