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Fuzhou airport seized defibrillator charging treasure type - for the first time Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-21
Civil aviation resource net July 25, 2016 news: recently, the fuzhou changle international airport security channel member pony in the boot, boot in a man satchel, a charge the attention of the inspector to its baggage to notify part out of the open packet inspection. Through inspection, discovered that the blue charging treasure lighting features, then open the LIDS discovered that a shock head, charging treasure and electrical functions in one. Out of the box part inspection report attendant and the passenger is stricter. The attendant to understand that the passengers in the online purchase after the defibrillator charging treasure type, has been with the bag used for charging, and no bad attempt, electric batons monopoly network, after the passengers take the initiative to abandon the prohibited item, the strictly check after release. According to the civil aviation management regulations, stun guns belong to the prohibited item, it is forbidden to take plane, such defibrillator charging treasure type, fuzhou airport discovered for the first time. Currently passengers bringing charging treasure is the norm, electric batons, different forms. LvJian division staff safety responsibility consciousness should be strengthened, keep suffering consciousness, to strengthen the security checks of passengers, to ensure the safety of passengers travel. Commend 0 WenBang ( Feed: yuan xiang ( Fuzhou) International airport co. , LTD. , security guards,
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