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Fuzhou lienchiang grade girls in school from beaten, police have captured two social workers - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-22
According to the channel metropolis daily WeChat news on October 1, male, at noon yesterday, a netizen fact: pukou high school grade one girl of lianjiang county, fuzhou by rogue WeiOu outside in the school on the road, or even by electric shock stick, electric batons, hitting the woman in black in the video claims to 'lienchiang one elder sister'. The girl was beaten video, heat transfer in weibo. Reporter understanding, occurred in fuzhou lienchiang, beaten girl is a grade students. At present, the lienchiang police have investigated, the school also has carried on the psychological comfort to the girl. This afternoon, the reporter in touch with be the girl's brother cheng. Cheng told reporters that video shooting at 5:30 PM on September 23, the location is in lienchiang pukou of the path. 'Two classmates of my sister in the day and go home together. The attacker is the path to block my sister. 'Said Mr. Cheng, also these people shooting video, posted online later, later, his friend to see forwarded to his hand. In a video, a girl was dressed in a black coat, feet knelt pressure directly on the white girls, hard slap white girl face from time to time, and tore his hair. Black girl playing while said: 'courage is very big, still dare to strike back, electric batons. 'Then, another person holding a blue-black stick, touch white girl's feet, every touch, the short stick a blue spark, with' bursts 'bursts of sound. Cheng is introduced, the cause of the event is likely to be on September 22, his sister is associated with the class played a spat. 'Tomorrow, the day someone pronounced, have a good look. 'Cheng, about 6 o 'clock in the afternoon, he got a call from the sister arrived, had left the violent, his sister was left in the cry, they immediately report to the police. The next day, cheng with sister to go to the hospital inspection, found that more than his sister had soft tissue contusion, shock turned brown skin. 'It is quite big influence on sister. Now the school is doing counseling to sister. 'This afternoon, the reporter contacted lienchiang county bureau of education more than a family name, the official told reporters that lienchiang county bureau of education pay close attention to this matter, female student was beaten the cause is under investigation. According to lienchiang's report to the police they, has captured two involved attacker, are the school social workers, and the attacker, case is still under further questioning investigation. The director said, if the attacker has a school student, department of education will be punished in accordance with the regulations. Is the girl is in pukou high school students, the department of education requires the teacher to placate the students mood as soon as possible, after electric batons, and psychological counseling for students. At present, the girl has been to school normally. ( This article originally titled 'lienchiang grade girl, were outside the electric shock stick. . . the police have caught two social workers')
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