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German self-defense equipment, such as stun guns tear gas sales soar - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-19
The stun guns now in short supply in Germany. Worry about terrorist attacks insecurity spread xinhua buy a holiday this year? The germans might tell you, buy a stun guns for self-defense ( Self-defense might) 。 In Paris, France & other; 11· 13' Terrorist attacks and cologne, New Year's evening college scale after the abuse, a sense of insecurity in accepted millions of refugees in the Middle East germans from spreading. They are keen to buy self-defense equipment, such as stun guns can make gangster unable to move. And exclusive almost the whole of the German market maker even dreams have to laugh awake. The Associated Press reported Monday, headquartered in Prague, capital of Czech, & other; European security products & throughout; ( ESP) Company received orders as if the flood, and in short supply. Company boss cloth hot season Slavic & middot; Shi jia said that since last September, stun guns demand rises like a rocket, corporate annual sold 2 in Germany. 50000 the stun guns, of which about 1. 50000 is sold in the last four months. “ Our monthly output is 3000, and now, we are trying to increase to 4000. ” Shi jia said that the company products in the next three months has been booked. At this stage only a minority of European Union countries allow the holder sales stun guns, including Germany, the Czech republic, Poland and Slovakia, Italy will soon join the. “ European security products & throughout; Is the first in Germany in 2012, the new rules strict standards of production enterprises, allegedly occupies 80% market share in Germany. German weapons dealers association chairman inga & middot; As, 'says since the terrorist attacks of Paris, stun guns and tear gas, pepper spray, such as self-defense equipment sales soared in Germany. , according to Michael for gerhard self-defense equipment purchase of people from different ages and different occupations, both men and women have, in the past, the main customers are those who in every autumn night time worried that night after early travel safety.
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