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by:Tianwang     2020-07-17

guangzhou DE LiXin lighters equipment co. , LTD.
the company for all parts of the country' Wholesale and customized advertising lighters 】 We can provide professional logistics shipping company.
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address: guangzhou panyu stone town village south,
guangzhou DE LiXin lighter equipment co. , LTD. , our company produce all kinds of lighters, there are hundreds of varieties of high school low-grade complete style novel, bright color, reliable quality, is the production of bulk and finished product and equipment large cigarette lighter manufacturers. In the past years, my company successful cooperation with the national thousands of customers, not only help customers to get rich, also for our company new develop a broader market. Material material

products packaging with a box of a box
' Product features 】 Using imported plastic raw material, the fuselage surface light, no flower mark, high temperature resistant, explosion-proof performance is good. Made of high quality electronic ignition device, heavy feeling. Service life is long, can by the dozen times in a row, DianHuoLv % above. High quality of flammability is butane gas, no smell, long time.
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