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by:Tianwang     2020-06-17
'H hotel girl last night attack' event maxed out social circle, the media and big V have reported the event, thankfully, the girl with the help of the hotel service personnel trivial eventually is not unknown men away, otherwise the consequence will be unimaginable. Have net friend move, attack immediately smashed glass, fire QuanLou will report to the police. Some onlookers don't cry for help, called rogue. No one came out, he began to cry out the fire. The bystanders to help you, not his cell phone broken directly, didn't phone to grasp his bag. Hotel must be pulled tied door chain. Finally, as a man, see violence to stop immediately, need not tube what lovers quarrel couple fight! H hotel girls attack without others help, however, still have to depend on oneself. So I suggest that the girl go out alone in the package when had better take a point 'self-defense equipment' even 'coyotes spray' is also likely to himself for some time to save themselves. Through this event I also try to give you spread some high-tech self-defense defend Wolf, some didn't of all is certainly worth a look! 1. Pepper spray following about mobile phones, electric batons, it should be the girls the most hand item. To a mobile phone accessories manufacturers abroad specially on the following to add the function of pepper spray, let everybody in mobile phones at the same time also can have the function of self-defense, really hope to domestic popularity as soon as possible! Pepper spray following from 2. Capture spray epoxy resin artifact which called 'artifact' Defender, when to start it, the bodyguards would be connected to the smartphone. Once encounter danger, can start the smartphone camera filmed at the same time the attacker's face. Defender can also sound an alarm and intense flash deterrent effect, and even can be self-defense self-defense spray, high concentrations of pepper spray. Defender( Images from geek horizon) Defender3. Hands can unlock the belt buckle is this a few Swiss girl designed belt buckle, its characteristic is need two hands to solve, when the criminal hands go to trip, there will be no more hands to uniform the sister. Similar to reverse the chastity belt, can be used to help the sister of this belt buckle reverse the situation, grasp the initiative, not under the control of the offender. This military style belt buckle, the latch button above, need through the labyrinth of lock, find the correct lock to unlock. Belt buckle 4 hands can solve. Large db intelligent alarm this little surface looks like a beautiful pendant, but it is actually a 'lifeline'. Meet the bad guys, just pull the bolt, it can send large 120 decibels alarm, let the bad guys heard and flee; Back to the bolt, alarm or stop. Large db intelligent alarm 5. Safelet intelligence defend Wolf bracelet Safelet bracelet can help users in the case of have no time to take out the mobile phone contact call quickly. It has a built-in GPS, convenient had contacted emergency contact to get the position of the victim to rescue them. Domestic various sleep monitoring, movement monitoring bracelet, but no one can direct contact with 110 call hand ring products, manufacturers can work in this area. Safelet intelligence defend Wolf bracelet
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