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Girl release the information sharing, men seek to see room, then took out a root electric batons Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-23
Xiao LAN ( Not his real name) The girl working in yangzhou, she is in the north, rented a district two rooms one hall's house. In order to save money, she decided to spare a room to rent out the house. Earlier, xiao LAN is seeking female roommates in online posted a message, and soon had a response, but (that) she didn't expect to see the other side is not at all to share, but anymore! Xiao LAN Shared information released a few days, a man will take the initiative to contact her, said to the door. Said to find his girlfriend's house. Xiao LAN and told each other their own contact way and address, the same day, a young man was carrying a black plastic bag to your door. After watching the room, the man said to test the house sound insulation effect, to shut the door. At this time, xiao LAN still kept in the dark, and the man took the opportunity to laid hands on him! It turns out that man in the black plastic bag filled with root electric batons, he electricity stick slam xiaolan. Xiao LAN was electricity was unable to resist, arm out of the blood, and also to see the other party terminating, to protect themselves, xiao LAN had to pretend to coma. Man make pretend coma xiao LAN in the bedroom, then go to the sitting room locked the door. This let xiao LAN see the chance, she immediately went to the door of the bedroom locked up, and shouted for help. Xiao LAN to cry for help just two, he was hungry man to pull down to the ground, then, men with the cable in the room tied her hands up. Ask her to phone unlock, and then take phone WeChat turned one thousand one hundred yuan. After finish all this, man found infected with xiao LAN's blood on his clothes, he from the house of xiaolan found a black T-shirt on, began to clean the field. Then took the phone away, take away all the transfer record deleted before. Not only that, the man also took xiao LAN in the sitting room two hundred pieces of cash, then easy to leave. When tied on the bed of xiaolan slowly undoing tied with cable, for nearly an hour has passed, she hurriedly to find spare phone called the police. Through monitoring, on the civilian police quickly mastered the physical characteristics of the man. In the community peripheral monitoring, police identified the man to route and transportation. Along the track, police found the man after riding near the storage battery into Beijing city. Although the suspect took xiao LAN phone also deleted WeChat transfer record, but the police by xiao LAN WeChat binding bank card transfer record WeChat ID quickly mastered the man. Through the WeChat ID binding bank card, civilian police found that the cardholder to jiangdu wang mou, 24 years old this year. Obviously, wang mou is robbery suspects in xiaolan. After investigation, wang mou is an enterprise workers, just leave in mid-july. Then, wang mou in tidal river near success caught by the police. According to wang mou confessed that this is because he indulged games, by borrowing in the scourge of online. As early as in 2016, he began to indulge in an Internet gambling game, due to lost more more, then borrow constantly borrowing on the Internet platform. Both ago, wang mou nearly ten thousand pieces per month have to reimbursement, has long been living beyond its means, have different pay call reminders every day. So desperate, thoughts of the robbery. Therefore, wang mou bought on the net a trebuchet electric batons, start looking for targets, in the end he saw xiaolan issued share information on the Internet. Anyway, just give it a try, so the orchid has become a target he laid a hand on him, wang mou on the day the door found no alert after xiao LAN, immediately took out his hand under the electric batons. Although wang mou from think to commit crime is perfect, but afterwards he was. At present, has been detained by criminal of wang mou on suspicion of robbery. Police remind: women for her flatmate, must be vigilant, pay attention to identify the identity of the other. First of all, if have the customer need the door to see the house, had better have family or friends to accompany; Second, if you want to see the house, must let the other side before issue the valid identity documents, determine the authenticity of each other's identity.
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