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Girl 'Zippo' the wind year's lighter blockbuster listing

by:Tianwang     2020-07-22

tobacco online Zippo southern net reported annual series heavy return, bring global Zippo lovers Zippo classic girl 'the wind' series of windproof lighters. As an important historical Zippo brand logo, 'the wind girl' series windproof lighters in the past few years very popular. The annual collector Zippo lighters series is Zippo brand was launched in and in the ensuing years became the most popular series Zippo every year. The 'girl' to the wind year's cigarette lighter has started monthly sales in the United States, global limited. Ten thousand, China will be on the full launch, limited only.

Zippo early AD image of 'the wind girl'
since years 'the wind girl - — Lit cigarette 'was first published in American Zippo brand advertising image, she has become a classic iconic figure Zippo windproof lighters. The wind girl ( 风) Birth also proved the Zippo brand not only attaches importance to product quality and performance, but also very attention lighter shape and pattern of art design. It's lighter recorded the 'girl' to the wind in the Zippo brand of important historical significance, for Zippo enthusiasts and collectors is an indispensable treasures.
each girl 'the wind' series of cigarette lighter has its unique innovation, this year's cigarette lighter 'girl' to the wind very thin metal seal is designed to highlight the product. At the same time, each with annual collection series Zippo lighter at the bottom of the global limited logos, and matches by the unique sequence number.
annual collector series has always been one of the most popular series Zippo, in silence, Zippo blockbuster again launched a year after engraving 'the wind girl' lighters, the limited edition lighter airframe decorative red 'the wind girl - — Lit cigarette 'classic form badges, match with custom packaging and four-color printing product description, pricing for. The dollar ( Pricing for the yuan in China) 。
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