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Girls how to avoid sexual assault ( 14-year-old girl was obscene) - - - - - - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-18
Girls how to avoid sexual assault ( 14-year-old girl was obscene) 1. Avoid late at night to walk alone in the middle of nowhere, Carry self-defense electric batons) 。 2. Do not use the suggestive of perfume. 3. Wear a uniform or sexy clothes girls vulnerable to sexual abuse. 4. The girl with long hair suffer sexual assault more likely. 5. Use the bop Wolf ( Self-defense electric batons) , can effectively avoid violence. Self-defense electric batons small make up reports: 16 years on May 30, the qing court, police uncovered a rape, 54, Ms. Rape village 14-year-old girl li mou, since 8 years old girl said Ms. For her obscene. On May 29 for 14-year-old xiao-li li is a dark day, after school in the afternoon, to go alone on the way home in the small li met the most afraid of do not want to see Ms. Gao. In six years, Ms. Like demons always suddenly appeared in front of yourself, that kind of fear can't get rid of, think of him to do the things on their own, fear! Like fell into the hell. 29 day, look out prospective wife son female home no chance, Ms. Again pull with intimidation forced the small li back to his home and rape & hellip; … Home of small li down from time to time cry, under the family asked repeatedly finally spoke the truth. Qing yuan after the police take alarm, Ms. Immediately suspects arrested, Ms. Currently has been criminal detention, and for the beast man will punish is legal.
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