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Girls should learn to protect themselves Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-18
Whether it's a lovely girl or woman man, want to learn some knowledge to protect themselves. To be prepared for the unpredictable things off 1, along behind if you find that someone is following you, you can pretend to call or really call relatives and friends, in case 2, one thousand home get said & throughout; I'm back & other; Habit, avoid malicious people know that you are a personal life 3, if there are criminal whadda you neck, from behind, stubs criminals big arm inside; If a criminal pinching your neck from behind and hard to break off the little finger can be free from 4, there is only one elevator strange men ride at the same time, can stand in the place where the elevator button, or choose to take the next train elevator 5, to avoid looking like a Courier man broke in and bolt the door chain when confirm the delivery, all don't open the door, confirm the door as open again after 6, if you have the car, and you are parallel, afraid of being robbed, but the car fled in the opposite direction
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