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Global prevention 'medical alarm' : the British violence injury medical term extension for doctors with stun guns - in Russia Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-23
Violence is a global medical events pain points, to this, the world has taken a different response. Britain: violence wound healer prison term would extend the British national health service system has been more than 70 years, but in recent years, the number of violent injury medical events began to increase. In the new NHS staff annual survey, since 2018, 14. 5% of the medical workers said they had experienced physical violence from the patient, the patient's family or the public. In October 2019, the British government introduced the NHS violence reduction strategies, this strategy requires medical institutions to strengthen training staff in handling violence early warning; At the same time, for higher medical exposure of violence. In addition, the maximum penalty for violence to medical care personnel also increased from 6 months to a year. United States: equipped with metal detectors in hospital security first relatively more developed in the medical level in the United States, violence in the emergency room is on the rise. The American college of emergency physicians association, a survey conducted in 2018 found that 47% of emergency physicians says had suffered physical attack. Most of the attacks from patients and patients families. In response, the American health care system has made the safety measures to strengthen the security of hospital, asked the hospital equipped with metal detectors and armed guards, people need to pass through security first before entering the hospital. In some cases, even for the patient to also want to use a metal detector on the stretcher. Russia: health department for doctors with stun guns in Russia, electric batons, according to police statistics, in 2016, in Moscow, a city only for employees of medical institutions attack events recorded alone since 200. In order to protect the physicians, health department was established in 2016 in Moscow, the specialized agency rights for health care workers. By the summer of 2019, Russia to the Russian federal criminal procedural law 'article 151 & other; Protect the lives and health of patients and medical staff & throughout; The revision. In kemerovo, the health ministry has for the doctor is equipped with a defibrillator, help doctors self-defense in the attack. South Korea: seeking legislation to refuse treatment violent attackers in South Korea, verbal attacks on medical staff and physical attacks occur frequently. In November 2019, the Korean medical association, according to the findings published in the 1455 people surveyed, 71. 5% of people said that over the past three years, they have suffered verbal or physical attack. Some medical staff more because of severe trauma or fracture and life threatening. The medical profession to the government and legislators called for to this end, South Korea, add a clause in the 'medical service act', to allow doctors shall have the right to refuse treatment used violence, in order to create a safe environment.
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