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Go out safe - is that you should not be ignored Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-22
Car sharing is the new normal. From night to commute to work, we believe that a stranger can be safely brought us to where we are going to. According to the Health. Com and Oxygen on the news recently reported, SABRE, chief executive and personal safety expert David Nance Shared the article 5 of the secret of how to do to more safely home. 1. Waiting for you in it. In any place you want to leave in waiting. . . Safer than request and outside waiting for a train. As far as possible to stay in light and heavy traffic areas. 2. Ensure that your driver match exactly. Is the best way to do this? When you open the back door, We will go to the next) , q: & other; Who come here to meet you? ” This helps to ensure that you take the right car, and where the driver can do what they should do. . . Make your home safely. Some car sharing application will provide you with other information, such as car brand, model and registration. Ensure that your driver and application to provide all the information matches. 3. Riding in the back seat. The distance between you and the driver is a good thing. If you ride alone, then there is no reason to like close friends sitting in the front row. 4. Share your journey with others. Most bus sharing application allows you to share your journey - with friends To do this. In this way, you can keep safe and take more attention on the road. 5. Present and ready. To attend. Pay attention to the driver's behavior and the route. Ready to equip yourself in a dangerous situation. “ Safe escape triad auto safety tools & throughout; Has three main functions, can while riding or driving for you to provide additional security. • Pepper Gel to defense the attacker. It is specially designed, not spray, so that in the car safety use. • If the belt fails, the built-in safety belt cutter. • The Windows and the glass broken, used in situations where the door locked or Carmen safe escape. It's hard to say how you will respond to dangerous situation. By taking preventive measures and time to prepare, especially the use of personal safety products, you're more likely to respond quickly and safe escape. Each year in the United States has 6 million accident and carjacking case since 38000. Safe Escape 3 in 1 car security tools is the only utility vehicles, in similar products security tool, designed to provide you and your family's biggest security.
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