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Green energy to tell you the advantages of high energy ignition and using method

by:Tianwang     2020-06-25
A safe and reliable, high energy ignition, belong to low voltage capacitor discharge device, low discharge voltage, ac 220 v power frequency by boosting rectifier transform into dc current ripple, the storage capacitor charging. Electricity flows through the tube when the capacitor is full, discharge, choke, shielded cable transmission to firing gun semiconductor igniter, form a high-energy electric spark. Two special fast, high success rate of ignition ignition, under normal circumstances three seconds, ignition fuel can quickly apply to fuel more extensive, such as a variety of atomization of the fuel, gas, industrial waste gas, sealing good, such as stamping shell, aluminum shell and cast iron shell three, good sealing, good appearance, compact structure, waterproof, moisture-proof, dustproof, impact resistance, wide range of application of high energy ignition can be widely used in glass, aviation, petroleum, coal, coking, chemical industry, electric power, machinery, metallurgy and so on how to correctly use it today to tell you about high energy ignition device, when not connected to cable, firing gun, not electricity, otherwise it will damage the device, check the device before use, should be connected correctly, reliable contact three, some cases system running under high load, should strictly abide by the provisions on the manual work cycle, the device during the period of downtime for a long time, must cut off the system power supply five, device maintenance should be carried out after the cut off power supply for 5 minutes ( Ensure that the surplus electric charge through a discharge resistor capacitor discharge is completed)
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