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Green high-energy XLGND20 high-energy ignition in the application of converter gas radiation torch to explore

by:Tianwang     2020-06-25
Green high-energy XLGND - High-energy ignition in the application of converter gas radiation torch to explore it is well known for converter gas calorific value is very low, has long been a converter gas radiation torch ignition, use secondary ignition mode, namely the first pilot burner ignition, ever-burning lamps in use as a source of ignition lighter, ever-burning lamps with the value of gas, usually for high gas such as liquefied petroleum gas, coke oven gas and so on. This kind of ignition way more trouble and also some condition is subject to the conditions of gas source, the scene without high combustion value gas, it is recommended to use propane tanks but feel very insecure, no good way to this way of ignition current has also been extended. As industrial ignition complete supplier. Has been devoted to choose what kind of way, to make some changes in the ignition or burning mouth can direct ignition, save intermediate link. Everything comes to him who waits, through research and development personnel and technical personnel of the joint research to discuss and decide to work on burning mouth, developed specifically for converter gas tossing in the torch burning mouth. The current burning mouth XLGND - with my company's largest energy 20 high-energy ignition, safe and reliable high-energy ignition, low ignition voltage ( 600 ~ 1200 v angry) , big spark energy ( 20 joules) , long life, Five of spark number 2 x 10 square) , self-purification ability, resistance to pollution, coking and carbon deposition, without any impact on the environment ( In the water in the soil, sand, ice, oil, normal to get angry) And electric nozzle, conductive pole high temperature resistant structure is compact, is reasonable, installation convenience, the fire quickly. Have been in rizhao 镔 xin steel converter gas radiation torch ignition application is successful, through our customer service staff for a period of time tracking, use effect is very good and very stable operation. Major technical innovation news, if you have this aspect demand can feel free to contact us, free consultation to discuss, look forward to your calls, more hope our products can save more cost for you, but can do little contribution for environmental protection and energy saving.
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