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'GTA5' inside the ten mini game world of little fun ( 3) - - - - - - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-24
3. Jet skis which I in the previous article about water traffic slightly mentioned in the form and the content of the jet skis. As street racing, now the players can participate in a series of water racing games, including a water motor racing. Like many other content, the content in the heart of the grand theft auto 'series is the first time, and we can also look forward to. Coastline than previous games is said to have been extended greatly, while more quick and effective way to travel, want to come is the trend of The Times. 2 jet skis. Base jumping this is my personal interests. Base jumping is a sound crazy cool in the sport. We have a nodding acquaintance concept, because it is a highlight of the SAN andreas. In the latest news, when the aircraft is declared to return to the return of the base jumping is not surprising. The two complement each other, and the game process if we can have more related to unlock the achievement will be a big improvement. In that case, you are in the 'grand theft auto: SAN andreas' exercise for a long time of air and tumbling will once again find nowhere to go. Base jumping 1. Rob a bank in the first chapter of the fourth generation, participate in the bank robbery became a possibility. It tells the player can play the bank robbers in side quests, mini game then has begun to take shape. In 'sin city' in those days, your head with a gun pointed at the cashier, electric batons, see purse around looted. The Rockstar still will rob elements development deepening, let players can jump like a real robber Shouting, and so on. The outline of the bank robbery has yet to be uncovered, but it also has become the best in the history of grand theft auto 'mini game. Robbing a bank, then, this is we may be in a new play to ten in grand theft auto 'mini game. They are no doubt is a series of the deepening and extension, so to speak.
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