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Guangdong a man holding a razor loot, surrendered - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-22
“ Now the pressure of the heart finally put down, people also easy. ” Recently, mei country area under the police in & other; Hurricane throughout 2019 &; Special operation in the crackdown on high pressure situation, under the police and families to persuade, robbery at large, the twelve years on the lam suspects Yang gold ( Male, 41 years old, fengshun fuxing county) Initiative to public security organs, surrendered. On the night of August 19, 2007, Yang jin, Yang, a pan after prior to discuss and explore the bean, were posing as police officers, to investigate the Lord the son of a pan in shenzhen after running on the grounds that diddle Lord husband and wife trust, into a pan in big iron bridge village home, pan a couple adopts gummed paper muzzle, bound hand and foot, electric batons, beating robbed 1000 yuan in cash and $10000 multivariate gold jewelry a batch, and 1 this bankbook, and threaten the Lord say passbook password, the next day a threatening the passbook paid in cash to the bank 3 in the morning. 60000 yuan. At 11:00 am, for the convenience of information 20th Lord pan alarm after a couple to break free bound hand and foot. After receiving the police, civilian police through the investigation, on August 27, 2007, on September 14, 2007 captured pan Yang, a guest, two people and Yang gold sinner abscond. Period, the police never give up of Yang gold hunting job, often to its hometown fengshun fuxing families do ideological work, to persuade Yang jin, surrendered. This year on July 31, in their families to persuade, Yang gold initiative to public security organs, surrendered. After Yang jin to justice, active confessed that engage Yang and others rob criminal facts. The suspect said, on the run, the psychological pressure is very big, often hear the siren, check the in the mind is very nervous, but always can't afford to drum courage to surrender. Now after the surrender, the in the mind to relax. At present, Yang gold on suspicion of robbery detained by public security organs in accordance with the criminal. In this, the public security organ shall also tell a fugitive suspects, to understand the situation clearly, giving up fluky psychology, surrender as soon as possible, to show leniency.
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