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Guangdong puning cause fire three personnel be initiate an investigation

by:Tianwang     2020-07-20

in guangzhou (Reuters) - Reporter helped celebrate) According to the supervision and administration of production safety of guangdong province announced Thursday, according to a preliminary determination, jieyang city, guangdong province ', 'big fire accident liability accident, the procuratorial organs have to port town of the puning army deputy mayor WuXiMing officers on suspicion of functions and powers, such as sin, initiate an investigation.
according to the accident investigation team, been jieyang city ', 'big fire accident cause of the fire is a fire workshop main operators Zheng Xiaosheng years old daughter playing with fire with lighter, ignited a fire stairs south side of sponge caused by stacking of building the first floor.
notice said, resulting in heavy casualties of the main reasons: one is the workshop operators unauthorised changes to the burning building purpose and nature of the residential buildings to underwear processing workshops, increased building fire. Secondly, the building fire safety conditions is poor, within only a evacuation stairs, the stairs on the ground floor there is a fire, high temperature toxic smoke from the burning of the sponge spread quickly via stairways up, blocking the main escape personnel; Building fire fighting facilities is insufficient, lead to the early fire can't timely after fire fighting. Three is building fire piled up a large number of flammable items such as sponge, sponge after being ignited combustion speed, high flue gas temperature and toxicity, poisoning, suffocation death, resulting in a large number of personnel. Four is operator on fire control safety consciousness, safety management confusion, not the employees safety training education, employees' lack of knowledge and ability to escape.
at present, expelled from injuries, the other injured people have been cured and discharged, the name of the dead family members all signed compensation agreements, the dead body has been cremated. After the accident escape responsibility, in the name of the mill main operators Zheng Xiaosheng et al, surrendered, people were arrested, the authorities are still trying to find the rest. ( the
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