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Guangxi hundred villagers caught net exposure police electric batons to break into the villagers home - handcuffs Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-22
According to @ hezhou ping guangxi police issued an announcement, on June 15th, guangxi hezhou ping guangxi police organization forces on the huangtian village nun 1 pond town discharge, the village public security regulation, electric batons, captured 23 people suspected of destruction of production and operation of the criminal suspect, and will impede law enforcement illegal personnel 76 people back to the office for further investigation. Previously reported: guangxi hundred villagers were caught in the morning because of suspected village ore field on June 15, contract disputes, multiple posts circulated said: at 3 PM on the day of discharge in guangxi hezhou guangxi area huangtian ping town village nun 1 pond, large quantities of holding electric batons and shields, handcuffs and police broke into the villagers home, electric batons, hundreds of villagers were taken away; 15, during the day, the villagers gathered at the gate of the congratulation state municipal government requirements put people. The village of the villagers to gain new reporter confirmed that posts above. At about 0 16 morning, the villagers told fortune new journalists, some villagers has been released. But by the end of time, there are still some villagers lost. More than one person stated to gain new reporter, event by a few & other; Village representative & throughout; Low-cost transfer of village is a mining stone field caused the dispute of the right to the use. By 16 morning, flat guangxi hezhou public security bureau bureau WeChat number and sina weibo alerts, said on June 15 at 3 PM, police bureau organization to huangtian town nun 1 pond bottom village, the village public security management, captured the criminal suspect alleged breach of the production and operation of 23 people, and will impede law enforcement illegal personnel 76 people back to the office for further investigation. Villagers questioned to gain new told reporters, at 3 PM on 15th, the village came two policemen and dozens of police vehicles. Many villagers, catch a person did not see each other to show any formalities.
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