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Guangxi start SMS review p can be texting - to evaluate the public security work Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-18
In order to strengthen the public security work and the team construction in the new period, improve the level of the public security organ law enforcement, improve people's satisfaction, from July 1, the autonomous region public security department in the district public security organ shall start police review ( Text review p) Work, make public opinion 'barometer' and 'baton' of police work, efforts to achieve quality of police work up the steps, the masses of security double satisfaction the goal of ascension. Police review ( Text review p) Work is one of the important work of the district public security organs in 2016, from JieChuJing, by filing, registration, do as the scene of a police and progress in the case and the masses is closely related to the law enforcement on duty, take the text evaluation practices, such as the right of public security job evaluation to the masses, the masses of the people, please evaluate the work of public security or opinion suggestion, through effective supervision to enhance the level of public security law enforcement and corrective to resolve problems. At present, the public security organ police review ( Text review p) Adopt the three-stage review work mode, namely the level of automatic return, secondary rectification in resolving tertiary spot check to verify. The crowd to the public security organ shall report to the police for help, deals with business, police review ( Text review p) System to the masses and litigant send text messages to pay a return visit, please the masses of public security law enforcement and the service quality according to the 'satisfaction', 'basic satisfaction', 'not satisfied' to evaluate three types. For the reply of 'not satisfied', urged DuChaBu family time responsibility unit within the prescribed time limit to find the reason, the rectification implementation, to do a good job of mass communication to explain, to understand. Public security police inspector team to the public security organs at all levels of police review spot check to verify, to notify, lack of rectification and fraud behavior. The performance evaluation of relevant information into the municipal public security authority. From this year on March 7, the public security department to carry on in the municipal public security authority police review in succession, Text review p) System commissioning. From July 1, launched in the public security organ police review ( Text review p) Work. From the trial, the public security organs at all levels in the review of police work, through sincere listening to public opinion, solid improvement work, effectively mobilized the masses to participate in and supervise and support the enthusiasm of public security work, strengthen the general police work sense of responsibility and the sense of urgency, promote the construction of public security work and the team is gradually entering work 'to the public opinion guide to grasp, to improve the win hearts and minds' of the benign interaction cycle. During the commissioning, the public security organs of rectification of the reply of 'not satisfied', 5588, 1628 to miscommunication, low working efficiency, 623, 373 poor service attitude, law enforcement is not standard 37, injustice and honest 6, 2921, otherwise the secondary rectification not satisfied after several dropped to 411, achieved improves work quality, expand policing supervision, and promote harmony between the people and good effect, standardize law enforcement service. , electric batons
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