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Guangzhou baiyun security seized a woman carrying stun guns - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-22
Correspondent of China civil aviation network correspondent Yang Run's reports, Qiao Xiyan, Xie Jie poetry: on August 4, guangzhou baiyun security seized a small defibrillator with camouflage. X-ray machine on the same day, guangzhou baiyun airport X-ray xiaoqi found in the trunk of the ms zhang appearance similar to a flashlight items, but after careful analysis, its internal structure is different from daily flashlights, so the open package instructions. In found that after confirm the bag is opened, it is a small defibrillator with camouflage. Open packet X-ray hillock to ms zhang explained: 'this is a defibrillator, aggressive, is can't carry on the plane. If you have any needs, can consider to deal with formalities. 'Ms zhang said he is listening to some online women commented that it is suitable for business trips, unexpectedly can not take. Although some give up, but in the destination tight schedule and if such as checked baggage is delayed. In order not to delay the following schedule, ms zhang selection will stun guns ziqi in security channel. Baiyun airport security reminder: defend Wolf rods, buzzer alarm, defibrillator ( The police) , pepper spray ( The police) Self-defense equipment such as need to check in, please carry passengers checked formalities in advance.
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