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by:Tianwang     2020-06-17
Six years ago, Pearson seeing 10-year-old son bai waving in the air the fluorescent toy sword to cut, had invented a kind of since the du PDWS ideas. At that time, he observed the son's toy sword can easily elongation three times, contraction. Pearson, the thought of, if you give it in tong zhi, electricity, you can let the attacker in a certain range can't close. Although the 51-year-old Pearson has never invented anything, electric batons, but he decided to have a try. He put the son's toy, the glass fiber on the sword on his shaft, and then with wire, to enhance the power. Two weeks later, a current strength is 3 milliampere, the voltage is 50000 volts nerve scrambler dao is made. Only until six years later, however, this invention fully integrated. Like batons version of the action principle, the neural scrambler by current to the brain, make the other part of the body can't control myself, but without fatal effect, and due to its flexibility, very easy to carry. General batons voltage reach tens of rights to millions of volts. How many volts rod can stun people? Friend was stunned last night ( 1) Generally 100 kv ~ 300 kv, those who write online 10 million v ~ 30 million v is copySB liar. Voltage reference lighter in 2113 between 3 kv ~ 6 kv, can let you hand trembles no other injuries. Because electronic pulse time is too short - 5261 - - - - - - About 10 milliseconds. However the general high pressure although only 220 kv voltage (4102 220000 v) , but can let a person through the current very large body moment carbide, absolutely death rate. ( 2) The original poster is good, the 150 v. ( 3) Ten ErFu 36 v will be dead! On both ends of the rod why black? ( 1) On both ends of the electric resistance wire, use for a long time after the two side can see resistance wire rod of sublimation black crystals on the wall. In this case, the two end resistance wire rod will be fine, it is easy to break, discarded. ( 2) At work on both ends of the rod, arc between two ends, in the process of electric arc, both ends will be fever, gradually heating and oxidation, so the both ends. I hope it can help you. ( 3) Normal is good brothers, use for a long time will be.
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