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Guangzhou old smoker's three pieces of treasure' Figure 】

by:Tianwang     2020-07-21

'electric plates' cigarettes, 'red card' plastic cigarette case and 'fangyuan' brand kerosene lighter.
the sixties and seventies of the last century, guangzhou many older smokers have their own three things -- - — 'Electric plates' cigarettes, 'red card' plastic cigarette case and 'fangyuan' brand kerosene lighter, these products are engraved deeply era.
years, guangzhou trolley buses to traffic, it is a great event in the history of guangzhou. To commemorate this event, the guangzhou appeared with the streetcar named product, such as 'electric plates' soap, 'electric plates' cigarettes, etc. The collection of the bag 'electric plates' of guangzhou cigarette factories cigarettes never open sealed and intact. The provider to divulge, this packet of cigarettes was a guangzhou old smoker's favorite thing in the world, was loathe to give up smoking, a put is half a century, has become history.
in plastic boxes of smoke can be moistureproof, so when the 'red card' plastic cigarette case is also a rare thing in the world, the price is not cheap.
and 'fangyuan' brand kerosene lighter is the knock-out product of early lighter factory in guangzhou, is a lot of old smokers intimacy 'good partners'. After years of grinding, the collection of this kind of 'fangyuan' brand lighter is still shining like new.
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