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Guangzhou physics teacher in January a stick kill birth mother cat: feral cats think nobody tube - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-24
Its said in an interview 'cat there is no regulation, we must not allow it to go, be sure to put it to death' 'man and a woman holding a stick to beat' cat track new express (reporter zhu shuo however reported tianhe HongZhuan factory a cat was holding a stick has a new progress about the beatings, See this newspaper yesterday A15) 。 Yesterday, with people playing cat female Lord appeared, said he has repeatedly asked if cat cafes are raising, determined to 'carry' after being denied. Yesterday evening, in under the coordination of the department of education, family name of bi female subject emerged told reporters that she is a junior high school in yuexiu district of a physics teacher. After the cat had scratched, she recalls, she immediately asked in beside the coffee shop clean aunt, whether cafe of cats, but the other party immediately denied. 'Two times all say 'this is certainly not our hotel's cat. '' the cat is a living creature, if owner admitted that they have, that give me an apology, like losing a little money again just finished, but clean the aunt is not admitted. 'Put the teacher said, in desperation, her home and family to discuss the whole night, the night finally decided to call on relatives together to kill a cat. 'A stray cat there is no regulation, that is very terrible, we must not allow it to go, be sure to put it to death. 'Well, why don't finish the teacher inform professional stray animals processing mechanism, and many times around beating hard after the cat still want? Finish the teacher's explanation is that his organization is not familiar with handling the animals, electric batons, returned again to beat is the fear of 'the cat was not dead. ' Have claims to university student netizens said that, in this week's physics class, finish the teacher with a whole class time to order it, it also mentioned that 'the cat was not dead', at the same time also asked classmates are willing to help her cat, 'her bag back and forth the fare. To finish the teacher, the reporter contact again yesterday in the cafe patch, but did not get a reply.
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