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Guy online brand lighters inspection when the switch to return in watches caught

by:Tianwang     2020-07-22

online watch, the young man played the deceitful trick, the results by Courier company personnel, red-handed. After a man has been wild goose pagoda.
on the morning of February 2nd PM, Courier zhang mou to changan south university of a door delivery, make a phone call to the receiving party ', 'cheng let its take goods, the other order is a value of the yuan tissot brand watch, because it is cash on delivery, claim to be' a 'process' guy proposed inspection first, zhang gave him watch along with the packing box, to continue to contact other customers. 'A' process 'after inspection, zhang found watches from the tissot watches in the box' transformation 'as the crown watches, are wondering, zhang's colleague in the name of the Courier company to come over, not far from the' a 'process' tackling and dial the alarm telephone, zhang this just suddenly enlightened, shipment is modulated package.
wild goose pagoda mingde door quickly after receiving alarm will ', 'cheng back to survey and found that' a 'process' using a false name, this is his second month this year 'to' commit crime.
metasomatism cheng, month, day, he in the south of the city a Internet cafes, see a on 'amazon' brand cigarette lighters, produce to the idea of diddle property with the switch, he chose the cod after placing orders, later in the process of inspection before Courier unprepared to replace the lighter, then with the goods by the return of the falsely.
the first time after the success, he again targeting the value pluralism tissot watches, but online reserved phone number for Courier company found clues. Originally, June 21, Courier company to get a phone call from the amazon, said the return of the lighter has been switched, express company according to the reserved phone order and order information query, found that the same order in a few days ago also bought a piece of yuan worth of tissot watches, express company worry again by the switch, the company manager and assistant quietly keep up with the Courier, not far from the observation ', 'cheng was receiving, he was staged deceitful trick again.
false facts on suspicion of fraud cheng property was detained by the police. ( Reporter li-chun liu correspondent yong-chun wang)
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