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Haian railway station: carry a defibrillator security alarm police intercepted - by train Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-23
Recently, a man in haian train station by train, electric batons, because carry a defibrillator was stopped by security, asking why he brought shock machine team. The policeman is in distress situation. Security personnel in on the same day, haian station to station passenger security checks, found a man luggage with a cylindrical suspicious objects, open packet inspection found to be a defibrillator, X-ray and immediately notified the police on duty. It is understood that the man surnamed li, anhui people, ready to drive home that day. According to what he said, the shock machine is the company's boss gave him, but he does not know defibrillator belong to control items. Li mou, said the defibrillator and seldom use at ordinary times, just to use as a flashlight, but because of stun guns has great potential safety hazard, police confiscated defibrillator in accordance with the law, and the criticism of education.
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